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The Challenge

Illegal mining is a problem in Zambia still nowadays; many foreigners have invested billions and more in copper and gold-rich Zambia due to new projects under implementation and exploration. The investor becomes unprotected investing hard-earned money to scam projects. Our investigation will at least try to show you whether it makes sense to believe someone's promises of big profits, even if the company looks legitimate and seems to, have mining licenses and some influence on local government.

After long research, starting in March, 2017, we have seen evidence that one mining company, TOPFAT GOLD MINING LIMITED cooperated with the investment group TADINV LIMITED and, illegally collected money from investors. The investors and local community thought that the company was good at lying, most of the video reports coming from the group contain lies.

Finally, now that we have enough proof, we have decided to share everything that we have at this moment.

Persons of interest

Bloggers and politicians who are somehow involved in TADINV, aka TADINVEST, project. Even with the authorityies and hypes ofs famous bloggers, do you still think that you should believe them? We will show you that it has been one of the most significant scam projects we ever have seen.

You should make an investment

Just imagine 120% profit after ten months. I believe there is no doubt.

Dmitry Portnyagin , Entrepreneur №1 and blogger in Russia, "Travel and invest in Zambia"
Dmitry Portnyagin (Дмитрий Портнягин Трансформатор), entrepreneur and blogger visited Zambia, he has recommended to invest gold mining to TADINV

Sponsorship and referrals

TADINV, aka TADINVEST, give us the opportunity to win an ounce of the gold with the Kondrashov logotype, but first, you must tell me more about the project somewhere on a social page.

Alexander Kondrashov, Entrepreneur. №1 travel blogger in Russia, "Travel to Zambia"
Alexander Kondrashov, one of a famous blogger in Russia, he has been Zambia at gold mining, TADINV and TOPFAT GOLD MINING, has sponsored visiting.

Advanced equipments

We are glad to say that everything is going well. We have already bought trucks and now we have to look for additional tractors.

Alexander Glebov, Director of Tadinv, Video report to investors
Alexander Glebov (Оглоблин Александр Геннадьевич), director and founder of TADINV, he manages the mining in the territory, Alexander makes a report to Tadinv investors with his colleague Maxim Pleskach from the Topfat Gold limited.

Invest in Zambia

Investments in gemstone value addition as Zambia aspires to increase its revenue through diversification and value addition. Zambia is open for investment and the Government has since implemented programmes that promote the exploitation of minerals.

Christopher Yaluma, Mines Minister of Zambia, Zambia news
Christopher Yaluma energy minister of Zambia, he had deal with TOPFAT GOLD MINING owners, canceled mining licenses to other miners and gave the right to TOPFAT

A list of TADINVEST's lies

Whatever TADINV LIMITED, aka TADINVEST, talk about, they lie about everything - the equipment, the license, the factory etc.

- Let's start with the cooperation agreement, noting one significant thing - the contract contains an incorrect company registration number, but thanks to the register we did manage to find out that TADINV LIMITED's correct registration number is 2413074 rather than 66524672. If with the project TADINV LIMITED happens something (and it will), then you can't prove anything in court, and never get their money!

- Another piece of false information about TADINV LIMITED, aka TADINVEST, is that the co-founder hides under the pseudonym Aleksandr Glebov, while the real owner is Ogloblin Aleksandr Genadevich, a Russian citizen, who incidentally is under investigation for possible violations of the law of the Russian Federation, regarding fraud on a large scale.

How this person is still free and somehow managed to cross the border of another state is not currently known, and we can only imagine. If anyone has information about this person, please report to your national authorities.

- In March 2017 in Zambia the court banned TOPFAT GOLD MINING LIMITED from performing any mining activities on the territory defined in the investor's cooperation agreement. All rights of action was returned to another company, whose licence for the areas referred to above was cancelled some time ago in favour of TOPFAT GOLD MINING LIMITED, with the involvement of a corrupt high-level official. TOPFAT GOLD MINING LIMITED persuaded local municipalities to sign documents, on the condition that the company would contribute to the improvement of the welfare of the region, but in the end, after this beautiful beginning, it all turned out to be a lie, and the company disappeared together with all the its promises. Despite the court decision, these crooks from TADINV LIMITED and TOPFAT GOLD MINING LIMITED continued to collect money, misleading investors with various fraudulent practices, including the popular modern method of involving bloggers and social media. The company managed to make a deal with two well-known bloggers - Alexander Kondrashov and Dmitry Portnyagin - and after a visit to the factory, they testified to the transparent and efficient management of the project.

If you manage to see one of these bloggers, ask where the project owners, Maxim Pleskach and Aleksandr Ogloblin, other employees below, disappeared to, and how generously they live on other people's money.

Directors and shareholders of TOPFAT GOLD MINING LIMITED
  • Alexey Kalitin
  • Lesia Marach
  • Anatolii Popov

- When Aleksandr Ogloblin mentioned heavy goods vehicles in one of his video statements, the announcement seemed suspicious, and the question was how had they managed to transport cargo trucks from Zambia to Ghana. We found that TADINV LIMITED had not officially bought a single one of the Bell trucks regarding which they spread false information in their video statement - we have confirmation from official sources. Without a doubt, in one of the videos they visited the Bell representation and carried out a test drive, everything was nicely served up to the viewers, again involving the familiar bloggers Alexander Kondrashov and Dmitry Portnyagin.

Make conclusions themselves. Think with your head and take decisions on the basis of cold calculation, not the stranger's fantasy.


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